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Your time is valuable, your credibility is paramount. Under no circumstances would you recommend tax strategies that may create problems for your clients down the road. We understand completely.

At GreenDay Finance, we are committed to delivering a turnkey strategy that utilizes decades old codified tax law to:

Unlock The Benefits For Your Clients

Lower Taxes

As the single owner of the assets, your client can reduce their tax burden and generate a positive return by repurposing their tax liability into solar assets.

Increased Financial Freedom

The reduction in tax liability frees up liquidity to invest in other opportunities.

Asset Protection

Solar tax credits are codified until 2032, and may be carried back up to 3 years, providing greater options and control for a consistent tax strategy.

Solar Tax Credits - A Proven Strategy

Institutions and private clients like you have been utilizing this strategy to pay less in taxes and optimize their wealth.

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A Consistent Tax Strategy Can Unlock Greater Wealth Year-over-Year

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Our expert team is here to assist you through these four simple steps. Make a significant impact on your clients by providing them with the optimal tax liability solution.

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FAQs About Solar Taxes

Instead of client’s paying their taxes per the status quo, clients purchase solar assets from GreenDay Finance via an arms length asset sale. The assets are installed on commercial properties. Since the client owns 100% of the asset, they have the right to claim the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and depreciation benefits at the federal and state level.

A PPA is a 20 year contract where the property host agrees to purchase all electricity generated from the solar asset, but rather than paying monthly as you go, the host customer pays for 100% of the expected solar production upfront. As a result, the client purchasing the asset bears zero payment or credit risk.

No, this is not a fund. Each client will set up a dedicated legal entity that will act as of the purchaser of the assets via an arms length bill of sale.

a) Schedule C, 1 and 3

b) Form 3800

c) Form 3468

Yes, once a client has maximized their use of ITCs in the current tax year, it is possible to carry back up to 3 years prior.

Both types of income passive & active income.

The solar ITC, one of dozens of General Business Credits, can offset up to 75% of the client’s Federal tax liability. In addition, the Federal and State depreciation expense lowers the client’s taxable income.

Institutional Investors and corporations have transacted billions of dollars with this strategy over the past several decades. Due to the explosive growth of the solar industry, combined with Inception’s turnkey process, this strategy is now available to private clients.

Yes. We can schedule a call with our corporate accountant and legal counsel to answer any further questions you may have.

The transaction structure is an arms length asset sale between willing seller (GreenDay Finance) and willing buyer (Client) as documented via a Bill of Sale. The basis for depreciation is the asset purchase price then adjusted by the applicable Federal Bonus and State Bonus or MACRS schedule.

Letter of Intent to reserve assets for your client.

Advisory Agreement to enter into a contractual relationship with your client and GreenDay Finance. This will outline the expectations and obligations for both parties, including responsibilities, compensation, confidentiality, and the assignment of work.

Asset Purchase Agreement to legally agree on the sale and purchase of a business’s assets (solar assets), defining terms and transfer of ownership.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in which there are two types.

The first is a Power Purchase Agreement is a contract whereby a property owner agrees to purchase power from a solar asset that will be installed on their property.

The second is an identical to a PPA with the exception that the property owner makes one large single payment instead of monthly payments- they are paying for all the power in advance.


There are several key considerations:

a) Current year federal liability (ex. 2023)

b) Previous years liability and/or taxes paid (ex. 2020-2022)

c) The solar ITC can offset up to 75% of the total federal liability

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